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Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater by A. Aubrey Bodine

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Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater

By A. Aubrey Bodine

 THIS IS THE FIRST photographic study ever published of the historic Chesapeake and its fabulous country. It has been compiled by one of America’s most distinguished photographers.

The 220 magnificent photographs in this 144-page book were selected by Mr. Bodine as his favorites from the many thousands of pictures he has made of the Bay and of tidewater Maryland, Delaware and Virginia during the past twenty-seven years.

They range from a breath-taking view of a tidewater mill that ground grain for Washington’s army to a dramatic photograph - a study of power and action - of the liner United States; at Newport News, from a classic portrait of a storm-soaked waterman to a helicopter view of the brigade of Naval Academy midshipmen on parade, the first such “still” picture ever made.

There are pictures that depict the Bay as a great artery, pictures that show the tremendous resources of the Bay, and a great variety of memorable photographs that portray all manner of tidewater life.

Some of the photographs capture scenes that have long since disappeared from the Bay - the now outlawed sink boxes, picturesque old sailing craft, steamboat races and forgotten steamboat wharves. Several of the pictures, among the first that Mr. Bodine ever made on the Bay, were taken on glass plate negatives. A great many of the photographs are a part of the Bodine collection of 700 prints which has been assembled by the historic Mariners’ Museum in Newport News.

Every picture in the book is technically flawless - the work of a master craftsman.

And, even more important, each picture - whether of a sailboat beating down the Bay or of a tidewater manor house at sundown - captures some of the beauty, the mood, the very essence of the Bay.

The endpaper map - drawn especially for this book - is the work of the Sunpapers’ cartoonist, Richard Q. Yardley.

Chesapeake Bay and Tidewater is a companion to My Maryland, Mr. Bodine’s best selling pictorial study of his native state, which has been hailed by critics, editors and artists as one of the most outstanding and unusual books of its kind.

Cover: Menhaden fishing in the lower Bay.

“COMBINE the qualities of authentic genius with lifelong love of a chosen work. Add to that a sense of beauty and of drama and excitement. Add to that the rarest of all forms of the imagination - sensitivity. The sum of these is Aubrey Bodine.”

 Those words, written for the foreword to Mr. Bodine’s first book, My Maryland, are a good summation of the man and a key to his phenomenal success as a photographer.

 In the twenty-seven years he has been taking pictures for the Baltimore Sunday Sun, Mr. Bodine has won national and international recognition for his work as well as hundreds of ribbons and medals. His largest award was a cash first prize of $5,000 for the picture, Oyster Dredgers (see back cover), in a contest sponsored by the magazine Photography, which drew 52,018 entries:

 For his outstanding work in bringing a new concept of artistic expression to newspaper photography, he has been awarded a Fellowship in the Photographic Society of America. He also has been named a fellow in the National Press Photographers Association, first photographer to achieve both honors.

 Mr. Bodine has roamed all over Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay country in search of the unusual, the picturesque and the beautiful. (Although he won’t admit it, he probably has a better personal knowledge of the Bay and of tidewater than any other non-waterman.)

 In the course of his work Mr. Bodine has photographed all manner of men, places and events. He has waded half a mile through swampland to get a picture of a muskrat house; he has waited hours to get the right shadows on a manor house wall; he has climbed to the top of the Bay bridge; he has slept on the decks of Bay boats; and he has missed hundreds of meals just so he could get the right picture at the right time.

 It is this devotion to his work - plus his artistic ability and imagination - that has made him one of America’s outstanding photographers.’

Harold A. Williams

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All Photographs by A. Aubrey Bodine - Copyright Jennifer B. Bodine
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