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Bodine's Industry - The Dignity of Work
by A. Aubrey Bodine and Jennifer B. Bodine, Editor

Jennifer B. Bodine showcases a collection of inspiring, and award-winning photographs that represents the extraordinary depth and variety of A. Aubrey Bodine’s photographic career.

The work of A. Aubrey Bodine, a seasoned feature photographer of the Baltimore Sunday Sun, is showcased in this beautiful display of 154 black and white images shot within a four mile radius of where he lived and worked. These powerful images are exclusively Baltimore and yet this is not a Baltimore picture book. These photos go beyond the geographical bounds of Baltimore with Bodine’s wildly varied subject matter that demonstrates the versatility of Bodine as an artist. Bodine photographed people, animals, buildings, harsh weather conditions, textures, geometric patterns, and cityscapes, devoting his life to elevating photography into an art form. A number of photographs featured in this book were shot on one of Bodine’s many causal walks around his neighborhood taking photographs of whatever struck his fancy. He was famous for his dark room magic, making changes to photographs in the darkroom and done by hand. He was called a pictorialist however he was much more than that one defining label. Those that love photography and art will be pleased to add this wonderful array of powerful photographs to their library. You can now order a signed copy for the retail price of $39.95 (plus 6% sales tax in Maryland). No additional charge for shipping to any location in USA. Released March 2013.

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About the Book

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A. Aubrey Bodine, newspaper photographer, pictorialist, modernist, and documentarian, was a Baltimore Sunday Sun feature photographer from 1924 to 1970. He left an archive of photographs, chronicling mid-twentieth century American life, of people doing all kinds of work. Bodine's images of heavy industry document an era passed. This book contains a wide range of award winning and historically significant images, many not seen since they were published in the Sun. These pictures demonstrate Bodine's extraordinary depth and breadth as a photographic artist. This is the third Bodine picture book assembled by his daughter, Jennifer. Their previous collaboratinos are Bodin's Chesapeake Bay Country and Bodine's City

About the Author

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Jennifer Bodine is A. Aubrey Bodine’s only child and is the custodian of his work and legacy. Most of her time is spent cataloguing Bodine’s massive collection of images. Her previous occupations include stained glass artist and trial lawyer.
Jennifer and husband Richard Orban are a team in AAubreyBodine.com, an e-commerce business, selling A. Aubrey Bodine note cards, reprints, and licenses.
Jennifer has a BA from the University of Maryland, a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore, an MA from Washington College, and an MAT from Salisbury University. She designed and built her steel home on the bank of the Choptank River outside of Denton, Maryland.
Jennifer has one daughter, Bodine Alexander Boling, who lives in New York, and works in show business. Jennifer also has three cats, Nancy, Aldine, and Oxie.
She previously published Bodine’s Chesapeake Bay Country.

Front Cover: Sparrows Point Blast Furnace (1946).
Image ID: 51-991
In this photograph taken at Bethlehem Steel
Bodine synthesized many elements into a dramatic
entity. He hid distracting pipes in the foreground,
carefully placing the three men made them an important
part of the picture.

Inside Front Cover: Scarcer by the Foot (1955).
Image ID: 02-203

Inside Back Cover: Sparrows Point Bethlehem Steel (c. 1960).
Image ID: 51-962

Back Cover: Open Hearth, Sparrows Point (1951).
Image ID: 30-056
Bethlehem Steel, open hearth.

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