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About Us - the folks at AAubreyBodine.com


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AAubreyBodine.com is a joint effort of Jennifer B. Bodine, the daughter of A. Aubrey Bodine, and Richard Orban, her husband since 6 January 1979.

The first iteration of this website went online in March of 2000, timed to coincide with the Maryland Public Television program, IMAGES OF MARYLAND 1900-2000, which used images from 6 famous Maryland photographers, including A. Aubrey Bodine. Jennifer performed an on-camera interview and described her father's art, his process, and what it was like living with an artistic talent.

Summer of 2017 marked the 52nd anniversary of Richard's passion for computers. It all started at an NSF (National Science Foundation) summer program after his Junior year in high school. He then had the great good fortune of passing through both MIT AI Lab as an undergrad and Stanford AI Lab as a staff member during the (insert trumpet flourish here) Golden Age of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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