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AAubreyBodine.com Vintage Photographs and Fine Art Reproductions

Vintage Photographs A limited number of vintage photographs are available. These are the prints that were hand-made by A. Aubrey Bodine during his career. In fact, all Bodine photographs were made by him alone.  Some prints are signed and/or titled by A. Aubrey Bodine.

Please contact Jennifer B. Bodine at 410-479-1312 or by email at jbb@AAubreyBodine.com for more information.


Fine Art Reproductions We also offer Museum Quality Reproductions prints. These are fine art digital reproductions with unsurpassed archival longevity. Each reproduction is created directly from the vintage photograph, not from a negative. Bodine created each of his photographs alone and no one knows the very special darkroom techniques he developed to create his remarkable images.

A vintage photograph is scanned as an actual size, high resolution digital file. This scanned image is meticulously examined and restored to remove defects in the photographic emulsion and signs of physical damage.

A professional quality Epson 7900 printer is used to create a reproduction that accurately presents the artistry of A. Aubrey Bodine. The current technology of Epson UltraChrome ink and UltraSmooth Fine Art paper results in a reproduction with an estimated lifetime of more than 100 years.

Contact us by phone 410-479-1312 or email info@aaubreybodine.com for more information and to learn about sizes and prices.


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All Photographs by A. Aubrey Bodine - Copyright Jennifer B. Bodine
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