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A. Aubrey Bodine - Legend In His Time - Acknowledgements


The first one to thank is Nancy Bodine. She more than anyone else helped make this book possible. Also due special thanks are Ellen Bodine Walter, who has a phenomenal memory; Seeber K. Bodine; Jennifer Bodine; Ralph Reppert, for the use of his Bodine anecdotes; Edward L. Bafford, for his technical advice; Hervey Brackbill, for another fine job of editing; C. B. Sittle, for his striking portraits which illustrate the opening pages and close the book; Stanley L. Cahn, for his splendid cooperation in all phases of publishing this book; and Billie, for running things while I wrote.

I also wish to thank: Malcolm Allen, Paul Amelia, George T. Bertsch, William F. Betz, Robert H. Burgess, Edward L. Christle, Frank B. Christopher, Louis D. Clark, Wilbur L. Colton, James D. Dips, Irvin J. Dixon, Norman Driscoll, John Dorsey, Gerald Griffin, Frank Harrison, R. P. Harriss, Edward L. Hastry, Philip S. Heisler, Dr. John Eager Howard, Wilbur H. Hunter, Lydia Jeffers, William L. Klender, Robert F. Kniesche, Mrs. Eleanora Lynn, Sally MacDonald, Alexander J. Malashuk, Ellis Malashuk, Leroy B. Merriken, Frank Onken, Stanislav Rembski, Henry Reisenweber, Edward Rosenfeld, Holly M. Russell, Albert D. Safro, Richard Stacks, Charles L. Stokes, John Stubel, Virginia Tanner, Augusta Tucker, Clement G. Vitek, Brooks Walker, Richard Q. Yardley, and Lloyd S. Yost.

I am indebted to the Sunpapers for the use of photographs and records, the Enoch Pratt Free Library and the Peale Museum for permission to use photographs from their collections, and to the staff of the Sun's library for its assistance.

Material for this book was drawn from Bodine's personal records and correspondence; the Bodine picture books; the Sunday Sun files, which are preserved at Towson State College; and an interview with Bodine by Samuel Cravats in 1958, recorded by Audio Devices, Inc. of New York.


Production Notes
Design by Stanley Mossman
Typography by Modern Linotypers, Inc. Baltimore
Paper is Warren's Offset Dull Enamel
Plates by Universal Lithographers, Inc. Baltimore
Printing by Vinmar Lithographing Co. Baltimore
Binding by L. H. Jenkins, Inc. Richmond, Va.

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