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A. Aubrey Bodine - Legend In His Time - Postscript


The Sun envelope marked “To be opened after my death,” contained a scratch-pad note “from the desk of A. Aubrey Bodine” with only these words, “Use Yardley signature and a cheap box.” Yardley's signature was reproduced several times. The words “cheap box” were underlined.

The envelope also contained an edited version of this Yardley drawing:

Yardley drawing

Drawing by 'Moko' Yardley

The Yardley “little man” had been cut out. Bodine evidently wanted a Yardley signature instead.

Yardley vaguely remembers making the drawing to Bodine's specifications years before. Bodine, characteristically, had not offered any explanation.

Nancy and Jennifer do not understand the drawing but surmise it was meant as the design for his tombstone.

Asked about this as the last lines for this book were being written, Jennifer said, “He was a puzzle in his lifetime. He was a puzzle after he died.”

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